Making the world safer one pin at a time.

Location-based app | USA

Making the world safer one pin at a time.

PinIt is an app that will allow you to pin incidents that you encounter in your everyday life. Simply login, pick the pin you would like to use, and then PinIt! Users can also add short descriptions to pins if need be. Users will have access to a map where they will be able to see pins that are posted by themselves and others. Notifications will be sent for pins posted for emergencies so that users can stay up to date with what is going on in their area. With PinIt, you are making the world a safer place one pin at a time!


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Flutter Flutter
Javascript Javascript
jQuery jQuery


Information function: providing the user with information about the nearest objects or objects of a certain location.

Social function: the ability to know the location of other users.

Communication function: the ability to register a place on the map (and it’ll be available to all users), to leave feedback about visiting a certain place or read reviews of others, to link your own content to a specific place on the map.

Push Notifications: Push notifications can keep the app user updated about just anything! It is possible to send alerts about hurricanes, information about the upcoming events, and other details with the help of notifications.

Map: This feature facilitates the users to get more precise information on the basis of their location.

Feedback and Suggestions – The app users can give their feedback or suggestions through this feature. You can readily get to know what they think about your app and it enables you to make the location-based app better.

Analytics: The location-based app can fetch a lot of data regarding the user’s behavior, location, and preferences. The analytics feature can assist your business to come up with more user-friendly ways by analyzing the data.

Marketing function: Geolocation has become a tool to target incentive marketing campaigns and the basis to get new mechanics of interaction with the consumer.


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