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Connect. Communicate. Transform the community

Location-based app | USA

Connect. Communicate. Transform the community

The 311 app allows San Antonio residents to upload photos of municipal problems such as a downed street sign or graffiti and geotag it using Google Maps. The reported issue gets highlighted with a red flag until City employees use Cityflag’s “citizen relationship management system” to acknowledge the problem which turns the flag yellow. App users can vote on the severity of issues reported by other residents in the community and can earn points and badges for their activity within the app. The top-flagged issues appear on the app’s “urban feed” and once addressed, the issue’s flag changes from an open green flag to a closed blue one once resolved.


Kotlin Kotlin
Swift Swift


Flag it: Snap a photo, select an issue from a list of 311 service request types, report it to your city.

Monitor: Monitor the progress the city is doing on your reports in real-time. Receive updates as it gets fixed!

Get Rewards: Engage with your city, get points, earn rewards, and reach new levels of engagement.

Build Community: Follow your Urban Feed! Vote up urgent issues, and share it on Facebook and Twitter to rally support.


We design and develop our Native Mobile Apps – Android and iOS, started with an idea & requirement analysis, the Wireframe, the proposed Technical Architecture, UI / Ux design, and the development of native mobile and web-based administrative frameworks. Our team then served entrepreneurs who put a well-developed, immersive, scalable, and user-friendly 311SA app into the market.


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