Why Flutter Is the Best Platform to Make Hybrid Apps?

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Flutter is the most reliable open source cross-platform for mobile apps development. The platform is supported by Google and considered the best open-source UI mobile app framework for developing mobile apps. The best thing about this platform is the ‘single codebase.’ This means you will have a single code no matter if you are building the mobile for Android or iOS.

Google Flutter was first begun to the world back in 2017 when it was not so accessible. The main logic behind it – It was an alpha version. However, came 2018 and we saw a more effective and convenient beta version of Flutter, which operated to improve the entire game.

Flutter has a modern react style framework, useful buttons, different tools, a 2D rendering engine, and a widely supported developer. This free and open-source platform allows mobile app developers to create mobile apps quickly and seamlessly. It’ll also help to create fully immersive native applications on iOS & Android, and it’s saving them time and development costs because of its amazing functionality.

What is Google Flutter?

The architecture has been designed to cover the android only but was designed to support the two main mobile apps. This platform facilitates robust performance by reducing the need for separate iOS & Android apps to allow developers and consumers to have seamless UI.

In December 2018, Flutter came out to be with Flutter 1.0, and within a year, it tested not only as a mobile platform but as a desktop and web browser ability. The development team of Flutter launched a Flutter web preview in May 2019. It was actually called Hummingbird but later changed to Flutter Web. The team is improving the strategies significantly and is moving forward with the implementation of the mobile app.

Flutter features

Single codebase:

When you consider the Flutter mobile app framework, it will relax all your concerns related to coding. You need only a single codebase for the mobile app and it will run efficiently on all the platforms. In hybrid mobile apps development, you need to code each and every time as per the platform where your apps supposed to be loaded. i.e., iOS and Android. It means that you’ll be saving a lot on your resources to hire mobile app developers. This independence is majorly due to having its library of widgets and designs.

Dart Programming Language:

Dart is nothing but a programming language developed by Google itself to make the Flutter platform more convenient and accessible. The Dart programming language and its complete support to IOS and Android make it immensely feasible for developing responsive mobile applications. Therefore, it substantially delivering the functionality much needed by any business in today’s digital transformation era. Presently, Google is also working on a modular OS Fuchsia, written in Flutter.

Hot Reload:

Flutter is especially known for its feature of “Hot Reload.” Mobile app developers can use the ‘hot reload’ feature to render a change in the sub-seconds. No need to wait for a few minutes to reflect the changes in code on screens. When you are planning for an app for your business, this feature could trigger you to choose Flutter for your apps. Hot reload feature will save you valuable time, money, and efforts of mobile app developers. The tool helps you gain access to an extensive range of widgets along with working in a dynamic interface with ease.

Native Performance

Most businesses also prefer native apps for business. most businesses also prefer native apps for the business. Flutter mobile framework will make you rethink again whether to go for native apps or hybrid mobile app development. You will get the native performance with Flutter app development for sure. Enterprises can get the native experience using a rich set of fully customizable widgets to build native interfaces that allows flutter apps to work smoothly and effectively without any interruptions while scrolling. Flutter gives you full native performance on both iOS and Android.

Excellent User Interface

Having an eye-catching user interface is always a huge plus for a mobile app and It is essential for you to save your time and costing. Flutter mobile app development is the answer to your concerns.

Flutter Development Services Company features Material Design and Cupertino for Android and iOS programs, respectively, that help the app developers in building highly engaging programs. These are set of visual and motion-rich widgets that produce the app look amazing and interactive on both platforms. These apps are easy to navigate and extremely user-friendly.

Benefits of Using Flutter for Hybrid Mobile App Development

Agile App Development Process

Flutter enables faster and dynamic both IOS and Android and making it a feasible option for cross-platform app development. The changes in the code can be directly seen in the app because of the Hot reloading feature. It allows the developers to modify widgets and build a highly engaging native interface.  It usually renders in milli-seconds and hence, helps the team to add features, fix bugs, and experiment with the app’s look at a faster rate. Also, the immensely productive rendering engine makes it a great choice for developing native platforms.

Striking User Interface

Layered architecture covers the design for full customization occurring in expressive and extensible UI designs. It also enables you to either build your widgets or customize the real ones as per the requirement. Flutter features Material Design and Cupertino for Android and iOS apps, respectively, that assist the app developers in building highly engaging apps. These are set of visual and motion-rich widgets that make the app look beautiful and interactive on both platforms. Additionally, built-in Material Design and Cupertino widgets, rich motion APIs, smooth, natural scrolling, and platform awareness bring the best expressive, beautiful UI experience.

Accessible Native Features and SDKs

According to Google, you can always expect outstanding performance levels from the platform because of the fact that Flutter has always been designed to achieve 60fps consistently. Flutter further makes your app development journey engaging through native codes, third-party integrations, and platform APIs. You can simply access the native features and SDKs on both platforms and reuse the widely-used programming languages for IOS and Android such as Swift and Kotlin.

Flutter never hampers anything in your mobile app development process; in fact, it helps you become more and more efficient. The bugs tend to settle faster, the apps are pushed out faster, interactions with native components are faster, running time is genuinely the fastest, and your cost effectivity is lowered in turn.

Meticulous and straightforward

If Flutter is the body, Dart is the blood that runs into the main venous.

Without any distraction to speed and efficiency you can now create can applications for different platforms. The importance of a new language that carries to the development of a different form of the mobile app will not burden you with it. You will not have to be frustrated by the requirements you would have to reach a new system.

Flutter allows you the opportunity to be multilingual and to have the benefit necessary for dynamic mobile application development sessions. In a way, the platform is very simple to get launched. That is why you don’t have to be worried, even if you don’t know how difficult the language is since you can rely on Dart to do most of the work.

Faster performance

Flutter has excellent features that give it the benefit that is best in several SDKs around the cross-platform in the industry. Developers can develop multiple apps rapidly, which are feature ready, fast but user-friendly, and comfortable and reliable in terms of animation.

Flutter never avoids anything in the development process of your mobile app; it simply makes you become more effective. Bugs typically fix more easily, apps are pushed out faster, communications with native components are easier, run time is really the fastest, and the productivity is decreased.

Turn your app a reality with a superb hot reload within just a matter of time. Flutter allows you to call functionality that focuses on the experiences of native end-users.

Why Choose savvient for Flutter app development?

We are a full-cycle Flutter app development company and have leveraged this technology since its inception to deploy mobile apps efficiently, Savvient technologies offer next-generation app development services using Google’s revolutionary framework, Flutter. This open-source mobile app SDK supports both Android and iOS platforms using a single codebase. being a prominent Flutter App Development Company, we passionately develop beautiful and functionally-rich mobile apps, crafted to meet your specific needs.


Multiple features seem to be operating in Flutters. The point that Google developed it works top on our priority list! Google knows what it is doing. The speedy structure the platform gives not only speeds up your entire mobile app developing time but also gives you the much-needed flexibility and scalability a good mobile app requires. Moreover, there are a lot of untouched dimensions to the platform that can transform any beginner to a pro in a matter of days; the platform surely provides for a great learning curve.

The Dart programming language and its full support to IOS and Android execute it significantly possible for developing responsive mobile applications. Presently, Google is also working on a modular OS Fuchsia, written in Flutter.

You can go for hybrid mobile apps for your business as mobile platforms like Flutter can deliver you the best mobile apps with a native experience.

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