Top 4 Reasons How a Mobile App Can Boost Ecommerce Business Revenue

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What if we told you there’s an easy way you can boost your sales, increase your client base, and give your brand a hike? It is all simple to create your online store with a mobile app. Mobile eCommerce apps now take over the market, gain a lot of users, and make massive money.

It’s no secret that mobile consumption has taken over our lives. According to a recent study, 96% of adults in the United States own a mobile phone. 81% of the population owns a smartphone. Look around. Everyone has these devices stuck to their hands nearly 24/7.

The market size for mobile eCommerce is estimated at $40 billion. Mobile visits estimate for 1/3 of the traffic on top eCommerce sites. In this user-centric technology-driven market, it is crucial that every big, medium or small company must have an app of their own.

How can retail companies that are doing business in the digital space benefit from mobile applications? Let’s see.

24/7 Customer Engagement Visibility

It is important to stay in touch with your customers and to have a mobile app. A recent analysis has found that most users worldwide spend more time on mobile apps and devices. With your e-commerce app, your business will create a 24/7 relationship with your customers.

Are you aware of the risk of optimizing the cost of your customers? Mobile phone applications should be integrated into the app in order to enhance customer involvement and make navigation easy.

  • GPS: GPS allows an app to pinpoint a user’s location. You can add a feature that geotags user addresses, which can reduce the call to input shipping information manually. In addition, if users are looking for a physical store location you can show them to the nearest shop and check the availability of items.
  • Microphone: You can give users a choice to pronounce what they’re looking for to manage the search process.
  • Camera: Many websites are allowing customers to share pictures of bought items and upload them to the store’s social media accounts via apps. This enables you to promote products in real life, which can specifically improve the chances of a strong sale. As a bonus, your user shows more engagement with the app.

Secure, Fast, and Simple Payment Methods for Enhanced Sales

It’s almost easy to reach various products of an eCommerce store by mobile related to PCs. Mobile apps allow unique shopping experiences and the secured payment options make apps a more suitable choice for mobile-ready websites.

Give your users the facility to take among payment methods. If they pay by credit card, don’t get them to enter the information for every purchase, but let them add a card to speed up transactions. Moreover, integrate as many online payment services as possible to your app. Paypal, Apple Pay, and Google Wallet gain popularity among frequent users of mobile applications quickly.

Push Notifications to Reach Out to Customers Better

Use push notifications to interact with your user. Notify them about sales and deals or product updates/new arrivals/stock availability special offers or let them know when items they want coming back in stock. Make notifications more friendly by addressing your users by name. It is a highly effective strategy to keep your customers amused, engaged, and convince.

Using push notifications carefully allows eCommerce store owners to drive sales quickly.

Social Sharing Enabled for Improved Clientele

Nothing works better than a phrase about a user’s product/service. Needed to power the app with opportunities for social media would enable prospects users who have used the products to share their reviews or feedback on web platforms with other users.

In addition to sales, that may also boost brand value and reputation.

Modern technology has become highly competitive in the world and it is important for companies in e-commerce / M-commerce to adopt a mobile app development strategy to improve sales and revenue stream.

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E-commerce app has become quite a vital tool in increasing the sales of the business. Hence, as a business be it small scale or large, it is never too late to build an eCommerce mobile app for your target audience. The future of retail is now reshaped by automation, personalization, and mobile-commerce which has to be considered by any mobile app development company. Selling your products over an app would certainly prove to be a revenue increasing advantage for you in the longer run.

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