How Shopify integration in the mobile app will help you to boost your business?

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E-commerce has totally changed the structure of the business, with retailers displaying their products online rather than in stores. It means developing an e-commerce store that uses esthetics and functionality ideally. Magento, WooCommerce, Prestable Store, Free Cart, and BigCommerce are the most popular e-commerce sites. Shopify is also a choice for retailers who want flexibility and reliability with versatility and unlimited resources.

“Globally, 53% of online shoppers use mobile for shopping. While 64% of mobile business orders globally came from iOS apps.”

“Today, the global app economy is growing from $1.31trillion to $6.35trillion between 2016 and 2022. In the wake of this new trend, your Shopify website needs a major companion.”

Shopify is suitable for the stores that sell products or services that need a minimum configuration. You can sell a single product or multiple products by implementing an excellent Shopify homepage section as per your business terms. This finally boosts your ROI and boost your business profits.

It’s the most popular solution on Google for eCommerce and is probably the fastest growing eCommerce site. So you probably make the right decision if you’re already using Shopify to sell online.

Shopify gives an outstanding platform where you can sell directly to customers without any mediator. It completely excludes all physical lines. So why should you need a Shopify mobile app? Also, a Shopify android/ iOS app for the online store will simply add to your costs. These and many other points we shall be discussing in this article.

Why Does Your Online Store Need a Shopify Mobile App?

Mobile Phone Is Bigger Than Desktop

You have a beautiful Shopify platform for your shop. Where you plan to sell everything you can bring with the latest pricing and distribution choices.

But you know even then that the traffic and sales levels in your online shop are rather dull.

You know, people have modified their searching and ordering methods online over the years. Now, with innovations in mobile apps, over 70 % of people use their mobile to search online.

It is also a difficult challenge to monitor websites and compare items on the Web. The details they are asking for will not be displayed prominently.

The same happens when buyers view your Shopify website on their mobiles. The result is low action and a dull conversion rate.

Mobile apps, on the other side, also provide a personalized shopping experience. All info and contacts related to a product can be simply done. In comparison, a mobile app in the form of a mobile Shopify app allows users to select from their destination.

Increases Sales and Conversions

You already marked the numbers. Now here’s the logic. Intuitive apps highlight related products and smooth the process of buying, thereby getting over digital users. This turns to enhanced engagement and improved sales. At the very least, businesses seeking to choose if they should begin a mobile app will be comforted to know that technology has a sustained relationship to boost sales.

A Shopify Android / IOS app will be the best solution to improve Shopify’s sales revenues. There are several ways to boost your sales with a Shopify mobile app.

A smooth and fast checkout enables your users’ shopping with a minimum of time. They don’t think twice. They don’t hesitate to make the purchase when they find what they wished.

By sending unreserved push notifications that alert users of their pending purchases, you can reduce cart revocation and prompt them to complete the order.

Facebook Remarketing Advertising is an effective way to inform users about the remaining deals. Such ads are related to the app store directly, so that faster device installs and further sales are feasible.

Stocks are rarely spent by monitoring daily sales of advanced in-app analytics and their sources.

Enhances Customer Retention

A strong user experience turns on knowing your clients, and this needs data. By a Shopify mobile app on your side, your store will have access to a wide array of modern analytics, which will help you know your user better, and thus make data-driven business resolutions to improve the shopping experience, resulting in advanced sales. The data will also allow you to know cost-cutting avenues, drive ROI, and manage possible impediments to buyer recall.

Your mobile Shopify app always stays on top of your customers. Whenever you open your phones for a new product, your Mobile store application prompts you to shop from your store.

Push Notifications can be sent to inform clients about their left purchases. This makes you trusted and valuable to your customers for your eCommerce business.

The Geo-Fencing campaigns help you to send instant notifications whenever a user is within the selected area.

Advanced analytics help you to analyze what is directing traffic in and out of your eCommerce store. You can improve features that your users and push that work as intrusions in the checkout process.

Last but not least, in your Shopify mobile application, you can run banners and festive discount promos.

Marketing Strategy for Intelligent

A mobile app is your online store’s most effective marketing tool. The direct expansion of your Shopify store shows your brand image and your Shopify mobile app. You can easily connect with your users and provide the best possible services via your eCommerce application.

Online retailing is more than actually selling products online. Users give brands that offer better sales and after-sales services a strong focus and positive reviews. Your Shopify Android / iOS application can serve as a great point of contact for user needs.

Shopify also has the marketing edge as a full site. SEO and advanced e-commerce tools are available in the basic version. It also provides more tools including custom gift cards, discount vouchers, store statistics, personalized email ads, etc.

A mobile application is a platform where you can launch and sell discounts and rewards on your new products. Target the entire store collection and let the buyers find items they never thought you had. Therefore, the Shopify mobile app is the store’s digital reflection and is available 24/7.

Boost your Brand Awareness

Branding is about developing the right aspects that the users love of your company/product. This involves spreading the identity of the company that no other product enables in the market. The reason for the branding is to actively communicate with the target users through the right channels of contact.

A mobile app is the brand ‘s key extension. You also focus on better user satisfaction and more positive reviews when you invest in mobile app growth.

Since mobile apps are also more popular, it builds credibility for your brand by naming yourself. This can also push your brand image to new heights and spread the word on what differs from your competitors depending on how you put your application.

You can offer the actual product of your company, and show the values and principles your brand stands for, through your Shopify mobile app. This is largely defined in the declarations of policy, for example – “consumer trust, our goal” and “A damaged product should be replaced within 24 hours.”

Your customers love mobile apps

Mobile sales account for 64% of all sales on holidays including Black Fridays Cyber Mondays.

From the 3 hours of use on mobile phones, customers use a mobile app 90% of the time and only 10% of the time.

Shoppers on Shopify clearly favor mobile apps over web apps. By not developing a mobile Shopify app, you may lose a large number of your users.

Therefore, a mobile app is not only necessary to build your brand but also to maintain your existing customers. You need a unique identity in the scenario of a Shopify mobile app to stand out because of a very clutter on the market.

Now Delivered Carts Have A Choice!

No one likes to be rejected, neither do shopping carts! They are no longer hushed thanks to automated dropped cart push notifications.

Once a cart gets delivered, your app will automatically send a push notification after the time you have set orders. Reminding users about their cart boost sales up to 3x.

It’s time to Go for a Shopify Mobile App…

As it’s Shopify Mobile App retailer can not only guarantee business success, it is definitely one of the strongest tools that you can add to your ongoing market. It is all too important to ignore the opportunity to directly impact your shoppers-and to continue to play a role in your regular users-and far exceeds the primary funding needed to start a mobile application.

Mobile apps have become the digital platform and this trend is constantly striving. “Smartphone apps have been the main tool for internet connection, trying to account for half the total amount of digital platforms plan to spend,”  –  BY 2016 US Mobile App report.

But for a moment overlook the facts and numbers. Track the competitors. You’re behind if you’re using applications for your company. Maybe it’s time to catch up and step on.

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